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Eating cherries might not help you lose weight, it is very effective in making you healthy and lively. Better sleep, considerably less headaches, slower aging, and lower chance of cancer are some of the benefits of eating cherries.

The Cherry Diet

Eat cherries or drink fresh cherry juice daily.
That is the only rule.
Results though may be different relative to the kind of cherry you consume. A good example would be choosing between sweet and tart cherries. Tart is better since it contains more antioxidants.
Also know that different forms of cherries have different antioxidant levels. Juice and dry forms of cherries are known to have the most antioxidants while canned and frozen forms have way lower levels.

Advantages cherries have for your health

Cherries are popular because of their sweet and juicy characteristics, but more and more research suggests that cherries are extremely beneficial to your health too. The nutrients and bioactive components in cherries support their preventive health benefits; cherry intake is associated with the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. The benefits of cherries come from their high levels of antioxidants that fight free radical damage and protect our cells. Recent research also indicates that cherries help remove excess body fat and increase melatonin, supporting a healthy sleep cycle.

In a 2009 study that was published in the Journal of Medical Food, rats that received whole tart cherry powder for 90 days, mixed into a high-fat diet, didn’t gain as much weight or build up as much body fat as rats that didn’t receive cherries. Tart cherry intake was associated with reduced concentration of fats in the blood, percentage fat mass and abdominal fat weight.

The rats’ blood showed much lower levels of inflammation, which has been linked to diseases like heart disease and diabetes. By consuming tart cherry juice, or a cherry supplement, you reduce inflammation and lipids in the blood, which lead to heart conditions and weight gain.

Tart cherry juice contains high levels of phytochemicals, including melatonin, a molecule critical in regulating our sleep-wake cycle. In a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, 20 volunteers consumed either a placebo or tart cherry juice concentrate for seven days. As a result of this treatment, total melatonin content was significantly elevated in the cherry juice group.

Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain; it helps control sleep and wake cycles. The cherry tart treatment also led to significant increases in time in bed, total sleep time and sleep efficiency. This data suggests that tart cherry juice or supplements can benefit sleeping patterns and help people with disrupted sleep or those who can’t sleep.

Flavonoids, which are the antioxidants in cherries, can help you age slower. These antioxidants combat oxidative stress by getting rid of its byproducts. These flavonoids also lessen free radical activity and stop the bad effects of soaps, organic solvents and other cosmetics that cause wrinkling of the skin and early gaining.