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The 8 Herbs That Can Kill Parasites

Parasites are really nasty and they thrive inside us with no noticing even! These organisms  damage the health and cause many health problems.

Experts say that before a certain therapy, people must get tested for parasites. Same goes for fungi and bacteria too and many people worldwide suffer from candida, so everything must be tested. Here the word herb means natural food, or spice that can remove parasites.

1. Garlic

This can kill every harmful item in the body like fungi, viruses, parasites and even cancer. Vampires hate this right? This aromatic herb veggie kills every mad microorganism. Also it repels bugs that suck blood like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

2. Black walnut

Juglans nigra. Herb experts adore these and this shown great for cleansing intestines and blood. This nut treats fungi and the juice of it kills parasites, use just the hull though.

3. Wormwood

Aretmisia absinthium- perennial shrub with yellow and bright flowers. In herbal use medicine the leaves and flower is used for recipes for belly issues. This herb is amazing for intestine worms and is not good for pregnant women though or nursing women. It kills microbes and infections.

4. Clove

The oil of clove can kill worm eggs in the intestines. This is the strongest such agent for parasite eggs. It is even better when mixed with cloves and wormwood. It removes bacteria, viruses and fungi and microbes too.

5. Thyme

The best herb for the thymus gland. The thyme can make the immunity more defensive and is better mixed with Echinacea. The thyme oil stops parasites and microorganisms.

6. Oregano oil

It has antioxidants and stops free radical damage. This oil also kills viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi. It refreshes the intestine flora and it can act against many issues like parasites, and cancer.

7. Chinese goldthread

Coptis chinealis. A traditional Chinese cure for many infections like parasites, bacteria, yeast and protozoan. Berberine in this is the most antimicrobial.

8. Diatomaceous earth

The food grade earth of this kind can absorb more methyl mercury, e. coli, viruses, endotoxins, organophosphate pesticides and synthetic drugs. It kills parasites in intestines, balances the flora inside, kills viruses and toxins too. This also cleanses intestines well. Careful, it might irritate lungs because the powder is really fine.