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5 Lifestyle Habits That Are Not Healthy As You May Think

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with false information spread all across so many various mediums and through so many diverse types of media.

Because of the outburst of information circling around the world wide web, there is a mix of very contradictory and misleading information that does no good, except for causing confusion and stress for the readers.

People seek for information about their health online a lot. That’s because the internet is a very effective source of knowledge and information.

That’s where the Ayurveda comes to play. You are probably wondering what that is and have never heard of that term.

Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu medicine system. It’s based on the concept of your body being in balance, and everything being in check. The method uses herbs and yoga for its treatments.

5 Thousand Years Old

Being a medicinal practice that’s been banned by British colonists for years and years is the reason behind it not already having worldwide acclaim. Ayurveda is as effective today as it was thousands of years ago.

Ayurveda approaches health issues from a very different perspective because it addresses the senses, soul, mind, and body. Thanks to it patients struggling with anorexia have shown positive results while undergoing this method significantly.

Ayurveda Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s important to realize that what makes Ayurveda so different in its approach to medicine and overcoming health issues is the fact that not only it’s constantly providing fully working treatments for a different type of health issues, but it is also promoting the constant state of being healthy by pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

With this in mind, the practice of pursuing a healthy lifestyle and achieving health as a constant is a practice called Svasthavritta. It is a branch of Ayurveda and the name Svasthavritta means health actions (Svastha – Health)

Below are some of the things modern media promotes as healthy when actually Ayurveda states the opposite!

5 Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

1. A Big Breakfast

Believing that humans are solar powered, and also that we should gravitate around the sun’s movement is a philosophy adopted by the Ayurveda method. It claims that eating a light dinner and breakfast, and making lunch your biggest meals of the day, quantity wise, is what is best for your system.

Around twelve o’clock is the time when our body is at full capacity to digest food. This is why the method recommends to enjoy a big lunch and keep your dinner and breakfast.

Usually, people say to eat a huge breakfast and have light meals throughout the rest of the day, but once you try this method you will feel more energized and satisfied.

2. 8 Glasses of Water Daily

The method is claiming that drinking water and other liquids is important to do but only when you’re feeling thirsty. Apparently, drinking too much water creates digestion and skin problems, and it’s also claimed that it plays a role in the development of obesity also.

In addition to this, try drinking eight glasses of water per day, but only if you are feeling thirsty. If you feel you are pushing yourself to do so, don’t do it.

3. Minimize Fat Intake

Even though the Ayurvedic method is agreeing with the fact that you need to consume a certain amount of fats to achieve health, it also states that it’s important to know what kind of fats you’re consuming.

There are bad types of fats, and foods like avocado, nuts, and ghee, which is clarified butter, contain fats that are more than healthy for your system.

It’s important to know that small quantity of these ingredients is more than enough to benefit your system. Try using some of the previously listed ingredients on a daily basis, and in small amounts too, and notice the change in your energy levels in no time.

4. Vigorous Exercise, Every Day

The method doesn’t really state what kind of exercise to start incorporating into your lifestyle. It also doesn’t tell you how much of the-what to do. This is because the philosophy revolves around how your system works and what you are able and comfortable with doing.

The only rules about exercise are to do it wholeheartedly. If you’re having your period, avoid exercising. Doing different types of exercise that are not as tiring and hard during the summer is important too.

Wintertime, as well as spring, are the most compatible seasons with your strenuous workout sessions.

5. Make Up for Lost Sleep

There is this belief that you can make up for the lack of sleep during your work week through the weekend. This is simply not true. In fact, if you actually make the effort to fix your sleeping pattern, go to bed at a certain time.

For example, about ten thirty in the evening, and wake up at six thirty in the morning. After a couple of days, you’re going to start feeling energized and ready for the new day.

Given these points, if you’re currently struggling with your diet and your energy levels, and would like to do something about it, take these five points and give the Ayurveda practice a try.

Source Cure Joy | Best Health Mag